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Travel Grow Love

Discover the world with Luxyhippie – where holidays are about making extraordinary memories. We don’t just curate experiences; we craft stories. Picture yourself climbing Big Ben on Christmas Eve, deciphering clues onboard a Murder Mystery train, or basking in the serenity of full moon viewing of the Taj Mahal. We champion immersive travel that will etch new, unforgettable memories.


Our story began with our founder’s firsthand journeys, spanning 80 countries, and living as a global nomad. We started with the aim to transform trip apprehensions into vibrant, soul-stirring adventures. Thus, we have emerged as the preferred choice for travelers who appreciate our tailored vacations and unmatched perks. Indulge in Luxyhippie magic where each getaway is a canvas for discovery, growth, and spreading love.   

Relax and let us handle the legwork while you sip on the cocktail, coffee, or coconut!

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